Birdteq specialises in bird control and the installation of bird proofing systems, bird fouling removal and decontamination. Whatever the problem, we will develop a solution that will deal with bird infestations with a proofing system that is best suited to provide complete protection and that has the least visual impact on a building and its surrounding environment.

Birdteq exclusively carry out bird control, this means that unlike most other pest control firms our technicians work solely within the bird management sector and because of this, have extensive experience which makes us knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. Other services provided, include – feral pigeon and seagull species population reduction methods. In addition, we can clear blocked gutters and roof gullies to prevent damp and water leaks from occurring. This can be incorporated into bird proofing projects which saves costs on separate access hire.

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified and are licensed to operate means of safe access using mobile access platforms and mansafe fall arrest systems. With our knowledge and expertise we are able to provide proofing protection to any building and structure. Birdteq have developed methods to overcome any obstacle to the extent that we have even developed a method to install our netting systems (where necessary) without having to drill holes, this has proved a major success where there are rubber roof coverings under guarantee.

Our services have been called upon by many different sectors, these include -construction, retail, councils, diocese, transport, manufacture, and sub contraction to architectural and pest control companies.

Our accreditation, membership and training, maintain Birdteq’s high standards towards health and safety and professionalism.