PROBLEM:       Feral pigeons roosting under roof, bird guano contaminating memorial.

Crediton Town Council were having problems with feral pigeons roosting under the roof of the town’s war memorial.  This unique grade II listed structure was having to be cleaned daily by the council to clear up the bird droppings.

SOLUTION:      Decontaminate and remove pigeon guano and nests.  Install anti pigeon netting.      

We proposed a bird net system to be installed under the roof to prevent the pigeons gaining access to the roof beams where they were roosting.

An initial clean of the solid oak roof beams was carried out and pigeon nests removed.  Stainless steel fixings and 2mm wire rope were fitted to the separate sections of the hexagon shaped roof,  50mm bird netting was then installed symmetrically to the wire rope.

Birdteq successfully completed this project but unfortunately the net was vandalised periodically for some time after.  Believed to be by a local who may of been disgruntled by the pigeon eviction. We arranged a reasonably costed contract to repair the netting on a call out basis.  After several years the vandalism stopped.


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