PROBLEM:     Feral pigeons roosting on church tower.  Bird fouling blocking roof drainage outlets.  

Feral pigeons were roosting on the church tower and their built up droppings were accumulating and blocking the tower roofs drainage outlets.

SOLUTION:     Pigeon fouling removed and church tower capped with anti pigeon netting.

Working off scaffold a two man Bird Deterrent Installer team cleared the pigeon fouling and installed a bird netting system to the tower roof.  A cap net was installed to  the roof to prevent pigeon access from the top and small nets were fitted in the gaps of the castellated walls to stop side entry.

A net zip was fitted to allow access to the flag pole.

This was a very exposed area and after four years, we were called back to repair the net zip which had rotted.  We fitted a new access point system that consists of two flexible rods that have removable hooks.  This has proved to be a reliable alternative to net zips in certain situations.


Birdteq Pest Bird Proofing Solutions

Birdteq are specialists in bird management and bird prevention, our bird control services include-

  • Avian Pest Control  -pigeon control, gull control
  • Bird Control Devices  -pigeon deterrent devices, gulls, Starlings, House Sparrows
  • Bird Waste Removal or Fouling Removal / Guano Removal
  • Bird Proofing -pigeon proofing, gull proofing, Starling and House Sparrow proofing
  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing
  • Certified Installers of the Agrilaser -bird scaring laser device
  • Security Netting and Contraband Netting Installers

Birdteq’s bird pest control services are aimed towards the commercial sector, providing bird proofing solutions installing bird deterrent systems and devices.

These bird prevention solutions include-

  • Anti Bird Netting / Bird Control Netting (all species)
  • Gull Netting
  • Pigeon Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Seagull Spikes
  • Pigeon Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Pigeon Wire
  • Bird Repellent
  • Pigeon Repellent
  • Seagull Repellent
  • Pigeon Deterrent Gel
  • Bird Scarers  -electric bird scarer (Avishock)
  • Solar Panel Bird Deterrent