Carlton Hotel, Ilfracombe

Carlton Hotel, Ilfracombe

PROBLEM: Herring Gulls nesting on roof areas.

The hotel had been getting problems from gulls dive bombing guests throughout the breeding season due to their nesting on the flat roofs. The main roof and dormer roofs had been renewed, along with the roof lift plant room.  Our clients required the roof to be free from gull guano and nests.

SOLUTION: Bird netting system installed to roofs with bird spikes fitted to dormer roofs. A bird net system was installed to the main roof areas with a two metre raised net to allow for access to the lift plant room.  We were able to slope the net down to one metre in height towards the front of the hotel roof so that it would not be as visible from the front entrance side.  We decided with our clients that stainless steel bird spiking would be the best option for the dormer roofs as netting these roof areas would of spoiled the appearance of the building.The Birdteq team worked off scaffold and liaised with the roofers to locate the best fixing points for the net fixings.

The project took 4 days.


‘We were delighted with solution provided by Birdteq. From planning and liaising with the roofers pre commencement; ensuring needs were fully understood, to working in tandem with them ensuring the best use of the scaffolding and not getting in each other’s way! The finished results are evident when on the roof and not from below which was the exact brief. We would have no hesitation in recommending Birdteq; the detail and workmanship provided is excellent and their professionalism a credit to their company’ – Owners – The Carlton Hotel – Ilfracombe.  12/1/18