Choosing the Right Bird Deterrent System

This can depend on several factors-

  • Bird species involved
  • The size and type of the bird infestation
  • Type of structure to be proofed
  • Required aesthetic result
  • Cost

Bird Species

The option to use what type of bird deterrent not only depends on the type of bird species but also on their behaviour.  This will include considerations of food sources, flocking, times of activity and viability due to nesting.


Feral Pigeon management includes bird deterrent and bird proofing measures such as bird netting, bird spiking, bird wire, bird repellent gel and electric bird scaring devices.


Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed Gulls are deterred by bird netting, bird repellent gel, bird spiking, bird wire, bird repellent gel, electric bird scaring devices (Avishock) and bird laser scarers (Agrilaser).


Starling deterrents include bird netting, bird repellent gel, bird spiking, Avishock and the Agrilaser.


House Sparrows are effectively deterred by installing bird netting.


Size and Type of Bird Infestation

The size and type of a bird infestation is classified into three categories-

  • Light Pressure – day time perching
  • Medium Pressure – night time roosting
  • Heavy Pressure – Roosting and nesting

The size of a bird infestation, particularly when concerning feral pigeons, is vital to note when choosing the correct bird deterrent system or device.

Certain deterrents, such as the bird wire system should only be installed where there is light pressure.



Birdteq Pest Bird Proofing Solutions

Birdteq are specialists in bird management and bird prevention, our bird control services include-

  • Avian Pest Control  -pigeon control, gull control
  • Bird Control Devices  -pigeon deterrent devices, gulls, Starlings, House Sparrows
  • Bird Waste Removal or Fouling Removal / Guano Removal
  • Bird Proofing -pigeon proofing, gull proofing, Starling and House Sparrow proofing
  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing
  • Certified Installers of the Agrilaser -bird scaring laser device
  • Security Netting and Contraband Netting Installers

Birdteq’s bird pest control services are aimed towards the commercial sector, providing bird proofing solutions installing bird deterrent systems and devices.

These bird prevention solutions include-

  • Anti Bird Netting / Bird Control Netting (all species)
  • Gull Netting
  • Pigeon Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Seagull Spikes
  • Pigeon Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Pigeon Wire
  • Bird Repellent
  • Pigeon Repellent
  • Seagull Repellent
  • Pigeon Deterrent Gel
  • Bird Scarers  -electric bird scarer (Avishock)
  • Solar Panel Bird Deterrent
  • Bird Mesh Proofing
  • Bird Nest Deterrent
  • Bird Scarers  -Agrilaser laser scarer