Here at Birdteq we are specialists in bird management, bird prevention and bird proofing. We have a wide range of bird control services ranging from Avian Pest Control to Solar Panel Bird Proofing. Birds in the wrong location, in particular pigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance for your business. It’s not just the mess they make; they can also damage your premises with guano contamination, blocking guttering and affect your reputation. There are other problems that mean you should adopt bird control measures sooner rather than later.

Pigeons and seagulls on your premises can:

  • Deface buildings & vehicles with their droppings. They frequently foul at entrances and pavements, which can become dangerously slippery.
  • Encourage insect infestations such as bird mites, textile beetles and fleas – these are attracted to their nests and roosting sites.
  • Attack customers and staff, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young.
  • Be a health hazard, by spreading diseases such as Ornithosis, E. coli and Salmonella.

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Avian Bird Control

Birdteq has a versatile and creative approach to dealing with problems caused by birds. Where Seagulls, Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows flock in large numbers they can present a high health risk to humans which is often preventable in a cost-effective manner. Our effective approach to any problem involves research into the individual needs of our customers and the birds involved. The solution will be tailor made, safe, humane, reliable and comes with a guarantee.

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Bird Control Devices

We also offer bird control devices to control birds like gulls, starlings and house sparrows. Whatever bird problem you have we will be sure to help.

Types of bird control devices we install – Avishock electric bird deterrent system, Agrilaser bird scaring laser device.

Best type of device depending on the bird;

Sparrows = Netting

Starlings = Netting + Agrilaser

Seagulls = Avishock + all of our systems

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Bird Waste Removal – Fouling Removal / Guano Removal

From building damage to serious health risks, bird droppings can be more than just a slight inconvenience if left unchecked for long periods of time. The safe removal of bird guano is not only vital to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building or surface it is present on, prolonging the life of the surface, but also to ensure any risk to human health is minimised.

Bird droppings from pigeons, gulls and sparrows can result in permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment if they are not dealt with correctly. Areas such as roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems, and lofts provide birds with sheltered spots that are ideal for roosting and nesting. The birds then leave their waste in the building or the area it has chosen to nest in.

Reasons why you should approach Birdteq to help remove the guano and also deter other birds:

  • Bird guano is extremely acidic, it can lead to corrosion of surfaces that it is presented with, especially tar-based roofing materials, and paint finishes.
  • Bad odours and contaminants can quickly be spread around the building through ventilation systems, inhaling bacteria and fungi could present a health risk.
  • The droppings damage the aesthetic of buildings and structures, potentially being harmful to your image and custom.
  • Ventilation systems are also vulnerable to damage from bird guano as the ducts can become clogged, resulting in expensive repairs.

Our technicians here at Birdteq are fully trained in the removal of bird droppings and the cleaning and sanitisation of areas that have been contaminated by bird guano. Our innovative cleaning and disinfection measures ensure that all bird dropping removal procedures are performed in a safe and efficient manner to help protect you from the health hazards that these environments can present.

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Bird Proofing – pigeon proofing, gull proofing, Starling and House Sparrow proofing

Birdteq specialise in bird proofing and bird deterrent installations. Our team of bird deterrent installers operate throughout the UK and are trained and qualified to install the different types of bird deterrents to a high standard, using the best quality materials and devices. So, our clients have the reassurance that a Birdteq installation will work and last for many years to come.

There are many ways in which birds can cause a nuisance. Not only are they noisy, unhygienic and messy but they also can give staff, customers and the general public a bad impression of your organisation.

Bird proofing can be particularly difficult when the problem affects surfaces like the face of buildings (in particular intricate, delicate or listed facades), statues, monuments and signage. Bird proofing on historic and listed buildings requires sensitive work so it doesn’t affect the building structure long term and to limit any change to the aesthetics of the property.

We offer a range of bird proofing solutions from Netting to Spikes.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Here at Birdteq we offer a range of Solar Panel Bird Proofing options with mesh and spikes being the most popular deterrent. We’ve been installing these deterrents for a number of years to commercial properties and to solar farms so, whatever business you have we will be sure to select a deterrent option which perfectly suits you.

With Solar Panels becoming increasingly popular it means that more birds have places to nest and roost, thus leading to unwanted fouling, blocked gutters and can also affect the efficiency of the solar panels.

We offer two types of solar panel bird proofing options these are:

Solar panel meshing– The meshing creates a clear barrier so that the birds can’t get under them. The meshing doesn’t cause any damage to the panels, nor effects their warranty.

Solar panel spiking– The Steel spiking can be installed to the roof tiles or clipped directly onto the panels.

Each option works extremely well is just depends on what you feel is best.

Please note that we do not provide services to the domestic sector but we are happy to advise home owners of where to purchase a solar panel proofing kit.

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Certified Installers of the Agrilaser – Bird scaring laser device

At Birdteq we offer a range of bird scarring devices of various types, design and functions. A lot of bird scaring devices are only short-term solutions because birds quickly become used to the noises or devices. When it comes to a long-term scaring solution Agrilasers are the best option.

Agrilaser is a laser which is designed to dispel flocking birds, and is perfect for a range of bird species. We have fitted lasers to a range of businesses ranging from farm-owners to landfill sites. The birds will never get used to the laser beam of the Agrilaser and will always be repelled. The birds will learn that the area where the laser projects is unsafe and will not return, making it the perfect bird scaring device.

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Security Netting and Contraband Netting Installers

We specialise in security netting here at Birdteq and install it at a variety of large outlet stores including The Range. Security netting is commonly installed to use as a barrier against theft and to also stops birds coming onto the premises.

Not only are these security netting systems installed using high grade materials but they also don’t fall and will last for many years to come. The nets are UV light stabilised to prevent rotting and are fitted to A4 stainless steel fixings and wire rope.

Our surveyors are able to design bird net installations that not only stop birds but also meet our clients needs and specific security requirements.

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Birdteq’s bird pest control services are aimed towards the commercial sector, providing bird proofing solutions installing bird deterrent systems and devices.

These bird prevention solutions include-

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