The Gull Grid Parallel Wire Roof Protection System.

Alternative to installing a roof net.  Stainless steel 1.5mm orange PVC coated wire is installed in parallel lines to prevent gulls from flying onto flat roofs and roof gullies.


  • Flat Roofs
  • Industrial roof gullies
  • Overhead on outdoor eating areas

The orange PVC coating provides extra visibility to gulls.

Parallel wires are run across the roof at 400mm centres and secured to perimeter wire rope raised 500mm above the surface.  Gulls are unable to land between the wires.

Parallel wires do not need to be tensioned and should ideally sag slightly to move in the wind for extra deterrence.

Allows maintenance staff to walk between or over the wires as it is installed lower, reducing the visual impact.


Birdteq Pest Bird Proofing Solutions

Birdteq are specialists in bird management and bird prevention, our bird control services include-

  • Avian Pest Control  -pigeon control, gull control
  • Bird Control Devices  -pigeon deterrent devices, gulls, Starlings, House Sparrows
  • Bird Waste Removal or Fouling Removal / Guano Removal
  • Bird Proofing -pigeon proofing, gull proofing, Starling and House Sparrow proofing
  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing
  • Certified Installers of the Agrilaser -bird scaring laser device
  • Security Netting and Contraband Netting Installers

Birdteq’s bird pest control services are aimed towards the commercial sector, providing bird proofing solutions installing bird deterrent systems and devices.

These bird prevention solutions include-

  • Anti Bird Netting / Bird Control Netting (all species)
  • Gull Netting
  • Pigeon Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Seagull Spikes
  • Pigeon Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Pigeon Wire
  • Bird Repellent
  • Pigeon Repellent
  • Seagull Repellent
  • Pigeon Deterrent Gel
  • Bird Scarers  -electric bird scarer (Avishock)
  • Solar Panel Bird Deterrent
  • Bird Mesh Proofing
  • Bird Nest Deterrent
  • Bird Scarers  -Agrilaser laser scarer


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