Bird Wire

Anti Bird Wire

Bird Wire is a discrete anti perch bird deterrent wire system especially for use against feral pigeons and gulls.  It is most commonly installed to ledges, parapets and roof ridges, but can also be fitted to guttering, pipes and metal beams with the use of specially designed brackets.

Bird repellent wire is best suited to areas where there are no nesting birds and where the pigeon or gull populations are not high density.

This system has different components for pigeon wire and gull wire installs, but both applications have the same principle that puts birds off landing where they are installed.   The thin stainless steel wires are slightly tensioned under pressure using small springs, this creates a sprung effect to the wires that birds are unable to perch on.

Birdteq has installed both pigeon wire and gull wire systems to many buildings including shopping malls, residential flats, hotels, schools, factories and store outlets.

The Bird Wire System

A thin nylon coated stainless steel wire is positioned between stainless steel posts which come in varying heights, depending on the bird type.  The posts are either fixed into drilled holes with a nylon rivet or fitted into specially designed UV stabilised plastic bases which are glued onto the surface to be proofed.  The posts are usually spaced in lines 1.5m apart.  The wire is attached to the first post using a crimp and then fed through to the following second post attached with a small spring. This process is repeated till the required length is completed. Rows of  posts and wire are spaced 75mm apart to achieve protection to cover depths of ledges, sills or parapets.  Where there are window sill reveals, bird wire is fitted between the walls using stainless steel split pins that are fitted into drilled holes with the nylon rivets.  The rivets are made from high impact thermoplastic nylon and have doomed heads which helps to keep rain water out of the 6mm drilled holes.

Bird wire used for gulls has slightly thicker stainless steel wire and uses different sized springs.  The posts are also spaced further apart.

As with any bird proofing system if it has to be correctly installed or birds will overcome it.  Birdteq bird deterrent installers are trained and experienced to employ the specialist techniques required to ensure success with every bird deterrent installation.

Benefits of the Bird Wire System

  • Aesthetically blends well on modern new builds
  • Low visual impact on all buildings
  • Stainless steel components give longevity to the system
  • Excellent bird deterrent system for ledges, sills and parapets
  • Effective anti pigeon and seagull system