Electric Bird Deterrent System Avishock™.

Avishock™ is a specialist shock track electric bird deterrent system used to deter birds from unwanted areas by delivering small electric shocks.  Designed to be used on ledges and signage, it is a reliable system that effectively deters unwanted birds such as feral pigeons and gulls.

It is a humane and environmentally friendly method that does not harm the birds.  The system works in the same way as an electric fence for livestock, except instead of electrified wires, Avishock is a low profile rubber track designed to send a small electric shock to birds that land on it.  Sending a pulse of electricity at rapid intervals, perching birds are scared away and do not return.

The UV stable track incorporates copper strips, covered by a conductive plastic cover, protecting the strips from weather and corrosion.  It can be fitted to ledges, parapets, roofs, signs and even to solar panels with specially designed clips.

The track is powered by Enenergiser which simply plugs into a 240v plug socket.  Solar energisers are also available where a power source is not accessible.

This is a highly effective electonic bird scarer that we recommend to customers that would prefer a low visual impact on building ledges and signage.

Birdteq has installed electric bird deterrent systems with great effect and, despite this system being designed for use on ledges, we have had great success with it on flat roofs as a deterrent against gulls. See case study below.

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Installation of Avishock™.

The electric bird deterrent system includes electric track which is very flexible and can curve up and down, straight and corner connectors, connecting wiring and an energiser.

The track is fitted to the substrate using a high tack silicone adhesive, corners and lengths of track are connected with connectors that clip the track together.  The track comes in 20m lengths.

Tracks are attached to the main electricity supply with an energiser which simply plugs into a 240v socket.  The energiser sends a pulse of electricity down the track every 1.3 seconds. A quiet click and small flashing light indicates the pulse.

Electric bird deterrent track is available in two colours -black and sandstone.

To conclude Avishock™ has 3 relevant attributes:

  • Discreet solution – Invisible from ground level therefore invisible tracks are preferable method  on a  building.
  • Effective solution – After testing show that pest birds learn to avoid the protected area.
  • Long lasting solution – high specification durable components used.

Avishock Specifications

  • Track: Flat copper strips protected by conductive plastic cover in a
  • molded flexible UV stabilised PVC track
  • Track Colours available: Stone and Black
  • Track width: 37mm
  • Track height: 8mm
  • Energisers:
  • Size: L190 x W85 x H50mm or L190 x W85 x H50mm
  • Input: 240VAC
  • Output: 7.5KV DC or 8.5KV DC
  • Output pulse width (500OHMS): 80 microseconds
  • Pulse Interval: 1.3 seconds
  • Complies with: EN60335-2-76: 2005
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations
  • Lead out wire: Black or Brown 15m max. 14 gauge double wire
  • Connections: Female connectors and Ring terminals