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Security Netting





Security Netting

Bird netting has more than one intended purpose, it is also easily adopted to be used as a barrier against theft and is commonly installed to DIY and garden centre stores in external shopping areas.

Birdteq has installed these netting systems for large outlet stores.   We use stronger components than would usually be necessary for bird netting installations, that give the netting system more strength.

Security netting is the most effective way to create a physical barrier in open shopping outlet areas to help prevent theft of goods.

At Birdteq we have a wide range of experience of installing anti theft security netting to a wide range of shopping outlets.

Not only must the netting prevent theft of goods, it must look tidy and symmetrical and importantly have longevity.

Our commercial security netting systems are installed using high grade materials so the nets do not fail and last for many years. The nets are ultra violet light stabilised to prevent premature rotting and are fitted to A4 stainless steel fixings and wire rope.

Using the right fixings to install the our netting systems is vitally important, should a fixing come out then there is a risk that the system will fail and birds may get through the resulting gap.

Our extensive experience enables us to use the correct fixings in all manner of substrates, from delicate sandstone and the thinnest metal cladding to the thickest I beams and reinforced concrete

In short, our surveyors are able to design bird net installations that not only stop birds but meet our clients needs.

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Netting Specifications

Specially manufactured netting is made from knotted polyethylene uv light stabilised 12/6 twine.

The netting comes in several gauges.

These include-

  • 19mm net
  • 28mm net
  • 50mm net
  • 75mm and 100mm net


Security netting comes in three different colours-

  • Black
  • Translucent
  • Sandstone

Flame retardant netting is also available.


 How Security Netting is Installed

Following a drawn up design of the net installation and the Safety Method Statement and Risk Assessment the Birdteq Installation Technicians will inspect the area to be proofed and, wearing all required PPE, will fit a bird net using the following method-

Specialised intermediate and corner fixings are drilled into the substrate, depending on the type of material the substrate is made of, different fixings will be used.  All fixings accommodate an aperture through which a 2mm or 3mm wire rope will pass. Once the wire rope has been passed through the fixings it is ferruled off at one end and tensioned at the opposite end using a M6 or M8 barrel strainer. The netting is then fixed to the wire rope using a specialised tool called a Hog Ringer.  This delivers a small ring to each square of net and attaches it to the wire.

This is the simplistic way to install a net; it can get slightly more involved when metal stanchions are incorporated into a net design to raise the netting such as over a roof or when a net is fitted under a bridge where other specialised fixings are fitted to girders.

One thing is for sure, we always have a back up of stock, as the materials we require are only available from specialist stockists, only about 10% of all the materials we need are available from DIY stores.


Other Types of Netting Systems     

Because of its strength and durability bird netting is not only used as a barrier to stop birds.  The netting is used in other net system installs such as Ballast Netting and netting for fisheries.

Ballast Net

Pebble ballast is commonly used on modern flat roofs, gulls have taken a liking to the pebbles and have developed the strange behaviour of picking them up in their beaks and dropping them from height onto the ground below. This is a serious hazard and to prevent this from happening 19mm net is installed directly onto the pebbles to cover them completely. The netting is installed in the same way as we would a normal bird net.  The gulls are unable to get to the pebbles and the hazard is obverted.

The net is strong enough to still be walked on over the pebbles.

Netting for Ponds and Lakes

To protect fish stocks we install bird netting over ponds and lakes.  Our services are mostly used by fisheries.

Fire Retardant Bird Netting

Fire retardant netting is available for high risk areas.


The Advantages of a Security Net Installation

Bird Netting allows whole areas or sections of a building to be walled off, completely excluding pest birds. It is often the most economical way to protect large areas.

Durable, high quality and uv light stabilised.

Different colours to blend against different back drops.

Flame retardant bird net available.

Bird netting is used for other applications such as security, pond protection and ballast barriers.


Maintenance Contracts

A properly installed net will last for many years but unforeseen circumstances may mean certain minor repairs are necessary, this might be due to vandalism, extreme weather conditions (gale force winds can sometimes dislodge the hog rings that attach the net to the wire rope) or even gulls dropping stones onto the netting.

For large net installations we recommend a maintenance contract where we carry out a yearly visit to inspect and if necessary carry out any repairs due to any of the above reasons.

Case Study

The Range -Taunton, Somerset

Following the closure of Homebase, The Range opened a new store in its place in Taunton.  The store had a large external shopping yard which was surrounded by trees and shrubs which provided a hidden area that could easily be used pass stolen goods over the stores perimeter fence.

Birdteq installed anti theft netting over the whole yard, the netting spanned from the main stores roof to the perimeter fencing, thus creating a physical barrier so no goods could be thrown over.

The project was carried out by two Birdteq installers over several days using scissor lifts for access.

Separate large nets were used to span the yard and were fitted together.  All fixings and wire rope were made from A4 stainless steel.  Extra fixings were secured to the stores walls and perimeter fencing, along with extra strong 3mm wire rope, to give the security netting additional strength.


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Birdteq Pest Bird Proofing Solutions

Birdteq are specialists in bird management and bird prevention, our bird control services include-

  • Avian Pest Control  -pigeon control, gull control
  • Bird Control Devices  -pigeon deterrent devices, gulls, Starlings, House Sparrows
  • Bird Waste Removal or Fouling Removal / Guano Removal
  • Bird Proofing -pigeon proofing, gull proofing, Starling and House Sparrow proofing
  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing
  • Certified Installers of the Agrilaser -bird scaring laser device
  • Security Netting and Contraband Netting Installers

Birdteq’s bird pest control services are aimed towards the commercial sector, providing bird proofing solutions installing bird deterrent systems and devices.

These bird prevention solutions include-

  • Anti Bird Netting / Bird Control Netting (all species)
  • Gull Netting
  • Pigeon Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Seagull Spikes
  • Pigeon Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Pigeon Wire
  • Bird Repellent
  • Pigeon Repellent
  • Seagull Repellent
  • Pigeon Deterrent Gel
  • Bird Scarers  -electric bird scarer (Avishock)
  • Solar Panel Bird Deterrent
  • Bird Mesh Proofing
  • Bird Nest Deterrent
  • Bird Scarers  -Agrilaser laser scarer